What we do

You see our products every day. Shop receipts, parking tickets, public transport tickets, cinema and theatre tickets. However, the tickets do not just appear in cash registers, terminals, ATMs and vending machines – someone has to make them. And they come from Epos. From the Zlín Region, we distribute paper discs, rolls, thermal paper and other products throughout the country. Try our fast and reliable tailor-made production!

Why work with us?

We always find a solution

For us, the customer comes first. That is why we approach each project individually and we are happy to advise you, for example, on which material is most suitable for your equipment.

We can react quickly

We work quickly and to a high standard. We can handle urgent orders in just one week. Our speed and flexibility mean that we are one step ahead of the competition.

The amount doesn’t matter

Almost anyone can arrange a contract with us. From large companies to municipalities and even self-employed people. For paper discs and rolls, quantity plays no role!

Public tenders

Are you selecting suppliers of reels, rolls, forms or tickets? We have a lot of experience with public tenders, so you can rely on us.

Our experience speaks for itself

years on the market

custom products


realized public orders


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