We’re one of the few companies in the Czech Republic that can handle the security and technology necessary for producing fee stamps, such as tickets for public transport, IDS or domestic or international bus and train connections.

Producing tickets is very demanding in terms of the security features, both in their design and in the application itself. Equally important is the practicality of a way to easily check when you suspect that the ticket has been modified or is a forgery.


The advanced security of the production itself and the subsequent delivery is a given.

We offer transport ticket printing for:

  • urban public transport
  • bus transport
  • rail transport
  • integrated transport system

The tickets made by Epos are:

  • professionally prepared in terms of the graphics and technology
  • protected against counterfeiting;
  • produced even in small series;
  • quickly delivered.
  • supplemented by quality record keeping



We produce tickets from thermal paper, offset paper or security paper. 

  • Thermal paper is suitable for tickets in rolls. All security features are implemented during printing and are not part of the paper.
  • Offset paper is suitable for tickets in blocks; it’s possible to choose different weights, and security features are implemented during the printing process itself only.
  • Security paper is a special paper into which protective elements are implemented during production and are a direct part of the paper. These include watermarks, microfibres visible in the normal spectrum, visible in the UV spectrum only, or chemical fuses that react in contact with cleaning agents (for example, when trying to clean a ticket already used).

    This paper has the highest level of security against counterfeiting and, together with other security features implemented during printing, guarantees the maximum security against counterfeiting.

Protective elements

There are a number of protective elements and their correct choice is important for security and the possibility of subsequent controls.They can be implemented directly in paper itself or in printing inks or using embossing.

We’d be happy to help you with the design of these security elements.


Tickets are marked with both a series and a serial number. The series can also be in the form of letters. It’s also possible to have a specially generated control number which is unique to each ticket.

Graphic design

Graphic design is very important for tickets. On the one hand, it must contain all the important information necessary for sale and use, but also well-designed security features that make it more difficult to counterfeit and not make the ticket itself less legible. We have many years of experience in the production of tickets and our own designs are used by transport companies both in our country and abroad.

Type of packaging

We deliver tickets in a roll or blocks (according to customer requirements). The blocks can be glued or stapled. Everything is recorded in detail, packed and marked.

And that’s not all!

The entire production is subject to a strict record of good and bad pieces. This record is then handed over to the customer together with the finished order. Everything is properly packed and precisely marked.
We will also produce smaller series in the shortest possible time.


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