Do you own a cash register or payment terminal and handle the purchasing of thermal rolls?

Try Epos! Favourable prices, fast delivery and production – even in small quantities. Thermal rolls of various sizes are suitable for all types of cash registers, terminals and printers – so you can use them, for example, for cash registers, portable terminals, cash register printers, bus check-in machines, CCS and other systems.

Do you want to strengthen your brand?

Take advantage of the printing of discs that our company offers. Did you know that every time a customer recognizes your logo, you strengthen the image of your company? There’s nothing easier than giving them your "business card" in the form of a receipt which they’ll take home with them! In addition, they easily recognize it among their other receipts from different stores. It simply sets you apart – you’ll be more visible!

Do you want to offer a place for advertising?

How about having reels for FREE? Or even earn money with each receipt?
All you have to do is offer the back side as an advertising space for other companies. Shops, restaurants, cafés, wellness hotels and other businesses can have their advertisement, event or discount coupons printed on your reels, earning you money. Producing these discs then doesn't have to cost you anything, and you can even make money on them!


What material are the thermal discs for cash registers and terminals made of? 

The basis is high-quality thermal paper of various weights (48–115 g) with different lifespans. We recommend lower-weight thermal discs for ordinary cash registers or terminals, while higher-weight thermal discs are ideal, for example, for printing tickets (to cinemas, social or cultural events). These discs often have perforations that make tearing off easier.

However, unlike the competition, we don’t automatically resort to a lower weight in order to reduce the price, at which the roll has a smaller diameter and the paper is of lower quality. We can also provide you with standard weight discs for advantageous prices. The final choice of weight is based purely on your preferences.

How long does the record last?

Standard thermal discs have a record life of up to 7 years, provided the storage conditions are observed. If you need to archive records for an even longer period of time, we can make thermal discs from higher quality paper with a lifespan of up to 12 or 25 years. You can also increase the service life of the recording by having the discs provided with a special protective layer which prevents deterioration and illegibility of the record.

Does your cash register require an atypical disc size? No problem! Our production is flexible and can create reels in the size that is most optimal for your printer and how it is used.


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