We produce receipts, parking tickets, transport tickets, and cinema and theatre tickets.

Our speciality is protective elements and how to choose correctly, perforation, and flawless cutting. The preparation of a graphic design by your own graphic studio or the processing of your graphic design for trouble-free printing is a given. We won’t just help you choose a suitable material. We are happy to discuss everything you need with you.

Graphic design

We will process your existing graphic design or we will create a completely new one for you by our own graphic studio according to your requirements.

Materials that are optimal for graphic design:

  • Images bmp, jpg etc 300 DPI, for thermal paper 250 DPI is sufficient
  • All colours in CMYK format
  • Logos, characters and other unique graphic elements in vectors
  • Text in curves


Perforation is a very important element of the ticket. A good quality and correctly chosen perforation results in easy tearing of the ticket itself or the control slip so that the ticket is not damaged outside the perforation. The perforation undergoes a double check during production.

The cutout of the ticket itself is in turn important for the proper function of the feed, stop and print in a printer that is set up for it. You don't want your printer to print information on the ticket outside of the actual printing area.

Our die-cutting system ensures high quality die-cutting without burrs. There will be no clogging of your printer and the life of the print heads will be extended. It guarantees that all tickets will be exactly the same, ensuring high quality die cutting.


Everyone has white paper. Be different, be memorable! We offer a very wide range of colours to choose from. In addition, we guarantee you competitive prices from small quantities and very fast delivery.


  • Weight: 30-220 g/m2
  • Dyeing: single and double-sided
  • Print width: 1100 mm



  • Roll diameter: 1500 mm
  • Core diameter: 70 mm and 76 mm


  • Roll diameter: 1200 mm
  • Core diameter: 70 mm and 76 mm


"Don't do anything by halves and always try to make the best of the situation." This wisdom applies to roll printing as well.
If you have rolls printed for cash registers or parking meters, don't forget the back of the slip, which can be the perfect place to promote you or serve as an advertising space for your partners. The funds from advertising can reduce your overall costs even further.

Area weight: 55-220 g/m2
Printing: flexo 1+1
Print width: 1100 mm


  • Roll diameter: 1500 mm

  • Core diameter: 70 mm, 76 mm and 150 mm


  • Roll diameter: 1200 mm
  • Core diameter: 70 mm and 76 mm


Protective elements are used wherever easy control is required. They are mostly used on tickets, tickets or even parking tickets. Thanks to them, you can easily prevent possible misuse, copying or other forgery.

The security and satisfaction of our customers are our top priority, which is why we use security features that not only guarantee quality but also safety.

We can offer you many security features that can be implemented in the paper itself or as part of special printing inks.
The security features we offer are used, for example, on carrier tickets or banknotes.


  • coloured thermal paper
  • printing on the reverse side
  • watermark, watermark
  • sharp embossing (die-cut, cross-section)
  • iris print
  • guilloche (curves)
  • microtext
  • reflective colours
  • UV-sensitive colours
  • colours responsive to control marker or colouring tape
  • thermo-responsive colours (react to temperature when touched)
  • translucent


Tickets, passes or parking tickets often have a serial number for your control or record. Who would count the tickets manually?

Type of paper:

  • thermal paper in weights of 55-160 g/m2
  • paper with security features
  • offset paper
  • waterproof paper

Numbering is a practical measure that we take almost for granted when processing orders. Let's discuss together whether it is also suitable for your materials.


Do you have a badly wound roll that needs rewinding? We can arrange it! Do you need to cut large rolls into narrower rolls? Easy task!


What else we can do

  • rewinding rolls with, for example, a damaged cavity
  • rewinding customer's material
  • rewinding and cutting other customer material (textile, cardboard, paper with foil)

If you have any complications with rolls or other material, we will be happy to lend you a helping hand.


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