Rolls or tickets for parking meters are not just made of ordinary printed thermal paper, as it seems at first glance. Parking meters are usually located outside, which brings with it a number of difficulties that thermal paper must withstand.

Large temperature fluctuations or humidity can damage the discs and tickets, causing them to get stuck in the parking meter, requiring manual repair by the operator.

That’s why we can offer you rolls and tickets, on which we apply a special protective layer that protects them against these influences, so you won’t have any problems with changes in the weather!

In addition, we produce tickets and reels from thermal paper which can withstand extreme temperatures behind the car window without damaging the readability of the record. 

Weight: 50–220 g/m2


high quality

manufactured even in small batches

quickly delivered into your hands

durable even in extreme conditions

protected against counterfeiting



The perforation is a very important element of the ticket. A good quality and correctly chosen perforation results in easy tearing of the ticket itself or the control slip so that the ticket is not damaged outside the perforation. The perforation undergoes a double check during production.

The cutout of the ticket itself is in turn important for the proper function of the feed, stop and print in a printer that is set up for it. You don't want your printer to print information on the ticket outside of the actual printing area.

Our die-cutting system ensures high quality die-cutting without burrs. There will be no clogging of your printer and the life of the print heads will be extended. The .... guarantees that all tickets will be exactly the same, ensuring high quality die cutting.

Are you interested in the production and delivery of rolls for parking meters? Then "park" your requirements with us and we’ll take care of everything!


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