"Do you want to print a receipt?" It’s a question every ATM asks. And every ATM needs material for these receipts. Our company has been offering ATM reels for many years, and we’ve cooperated with the most famous banks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in that time. We will print the rolls for you by advertising your bank and deliver them in large rolls quickly and cheaply!

We’ll make a reel for every ATM!

Why order ATM reels from Epos?

  • The record life of our thermal paper is usually 7 years as standard, provided that the storage conditions are observed;
  • We offer you high-quality double-sided full-colour printing which is suitable as means of advertising for your potential customers;
  • The quality paper used in all of our ATM rolls minimizes paper dust that can cause the ATM printer to malfunction or be damaged;
  • The discs also include sensor black markers, the individual distance of which we can print according to the wishes of each bank.



Our ATM reels made of quality paper or thermal paper are suitable for use in all types of ATMs around the world, for example.:


55–75 g/m2

Renowned Czech banking and financial institutions have been relying on the excellent quality of our ATM reels for years.

Come and join them too!


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